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Recreaction Level Climber Registration

Ages 5 - 7 yrs & Ages 11 - 15 yrs 

Monday & Wednesday 4pm - 5:30pm

Ages 8 - 10 yrs

Tuesday & Thursday 4pm - 5:30pm

Session One: Jan 15th - Feb 15th

Session Two: Feb 26th - March 28th 

Session Three: April 8th - May 9th

Price: $210 per session  

(pricing includes a complimentary membership and rentals)

We love having youths at Agility!


We encourage youths to be active, have a fun time climbing, be little monkeys and ninjas, while being SAFE for themselves and others.


We do NOT have an age limit to provide an inclusive space for families and all ages who want to explore movement. However, the following youth rules apply at all times....


  • ABSOLUTELY NO RUNNING, JUMPING, AND TUMBLING ON THE "GREY PADS". This is allowed in the "youth zone' - designated as the "BLUE PADS".

  • Under 14 years old: Requires a parent/guardian in gym supervising at all times. Use of Kilter board is NOT allowed (unless part of Agility youth training teams).


  • Under 10 years old: ONLY allowed on "Grey Pads" with parent/guardian within ARMS REACH. Distant supervision is allowed on the "Blue Pads". Fitness room + cardio machines are NOT allowed (unless part of Agility youth training teams).


  • Under 5 years old: MUST have parent/guardian alongside at ALL TIMES and ALL AREAS (Blue Pads included).

  • Educating youths to be aware of their surroundings is very important - LOOK UP CONSTANTLY as climbers may be high on the wall and may fall at any given point. Do NOT climb under or too close to another climber.

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