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Spring Bouldering Comp

Saturday, April 22nd

$20 Members - $25 Students - $30 Guests 

Qualifying Block Times

First Block: 9 am - 11 am

Second Block: 11 am - 1 pm 

Third Block: 1 pm - 3 pm 

Finals: 5 pm - 8 pm

Awards & After Party 8 pm - 10 pm

*** Registration is limited to 40 - 50 competitors per block ***

*** Block times are open to all categories ***


Intermediate - Advanced - Open

Competition Format - Qualifier Event 

Red Point format, three zones per problem. Competitors score 10 pts for completing Zone One, 15pts for Zone Two and 25 pts for a Top. Each attempt will be recorded; in the event of a tie winners will be determined by number of attempts. Competitors must control the usable surface of the marked zone and top hold for points. 

Finals Format - Iso / Onsite

The top five competitors from each category will advance to finals where they will attempt to complete 3 problems.

Competitors will gather in the isolation zone before being escorted to the climbing area where they will have 4 minutes per problem with 30 second intermission between problems.  

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