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Bouldering & Obstacle Gym

We are open!


We are a bouldering and obstacle gym, focused first and foremost on nurturing a community of like-minded individuals engaged in healthy, active lifestyles based on movement in sunny Capitola, California. Welcome!

Masking at Agility

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Everyone who steps foot beyond the front entryway area of the gym must have a signed waiver on file.

WE LOVE CLIMBING. However, climbing is inherently a risky activity.

Save time and sign our waiver online before you arrive!


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Coming up this weekend!

Join us for a single class or a full weekend of Yoga and Parkour. Our instructors will help anyone of any ability level to learn and grow during this special event. 

$25 per class or $65 for the whole weekend session. Price includes day pass(es) for climbing also! 

Sign up early and save!

Sign up by July 29th and take $5 off per class, or $15 off for the whole weekend

Discounts for members: take an additional $5 off per class if purchased separately. Can be stacked with early sign up savings for individual classes.

Bouldering Foundations!

Ready to give bouldering a try?
Our Foundations class will help start your bouldering journey off on the (literal) correct footing. This FREE class is available on a first come, first served basis on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings for class sizes up to 6 people at a time.

More info here: 


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